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From humble beginnings, Simplex Law has quickly grown into a well established and respected corporate law firm that services South Africa and beyond. Established in 2016 by Howard Teng as Teng Hung-Han Inc, Simplex Law consists of a talented and diverse team of attorneys, candidate attorneys and support staff that always strive for exceptional service and performance.

From the Sandton City Office Towers, in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg, our boutique firm aims to meet the needs of the market and simplify legal solutions for our clients.

Howard Teng

Managing Director

Howard Teng, founder of Simplex Law, is a highly esteemed legal professional with vast knowledge and experience gained from working at local and international law firms. As our visionary leader, he brings a strategic approach, exceptional legal acumen, and a commitment to delivering excellent results to clients and our firm, setting the tone for our comprehensive, top-notch legal services.

Sherese Moonsamy

Director, Attorney & Notary

Sherese Moonsamy, our firm’s director, brings legal expertise and exceptional skills. She earned her LLB from the University of Pretoria in 2018 and is pursuing an LLM in Tax Law. As an attorney and notary, Sherese specializes in litigation, conveyancing, and providing comprehensive legal services across various areas. Her diverse knowledge and commitment benefit our team and clients greatly

Tyra Chantson


Tyra Chantson, an accomplished attorney and Simplex Law director, graduated LLB Cum Laude in 2017 with an LLM in international air, space, and telecommunications law. Her specialization in complex legal matters, compliance, contractual, and labor law enables her to offer exceptional counsel and strategic solutions to clients.

Kgabo Semenya


Kgabo Semenya, a dedicated attorney at Simplex Law since February 2017, offers expertise in criminal investigation and policing, backed by a 2016 diploma. Pursuing an LLM in labor law and SAIIPL Intellectual Property board exams, he demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and providing comprehensive legal solutions across various areas of law.

Dali Ngalo


Dali, an experienced attorney specializing in Employment & Corporate Commercial law, offers valuable legal counsel. With expertise in Employment Law & Corporate Commercial litigation, he advises on complex matters, ensures compliance, and resolves disputes, aiding organizations in achieving growth & success.

Jenny Huang

Candidate Attorney

Jenny is a highly valued member of our team. With a strong educational background, she holds a B-com in Law, Investment, & Corporate Finance. In 2020, Jenny graduated with an LLB degree and further expanded her knowledge by completing her LLM in Commercial Business. Her expertise in commercial law makes her an invaluable asset in providing comprehensive legal solutions to our clients.

Othembele Ndawo

Candidate Attorney

Othembele Ndawo, a driven Candidate attorney, gained experience in labor, family, and property law. Focused on understanding regulations, he’s committed to providing effective legal solutions in these areas, promising a bright future in the field.

Style Mathavheni

Candidate Attorney

Style Mathavheni, an LLB graduate, joined Simplex Law in 2022 as a candidate attorney, specializing in trademark, copyright, and labor law. With a keen interest in intellectual property and a deep understanding of labor law, Style provides valuable insights and dedicated legal solutions. His expertise in these areas safeguards clients’ intellectual property rights and labor law complexities.

Ingrid Ekomo

Admin Officer

Ingrid Ekomo efficiently manages office administration and is pursuing an LLB with a focus on conveyancing and notary. She’s also a qualified court interpreter in English and French, facilitating effective communication in legal proceedings. Her diverse skills and commitment to growth benefit our firm’s administrative operations.

howard teng


Meet Howard, the experienced Senior Partner at Simplex Legal Advisory. With expertise in corporate, commercial, immigration, and labor law, Howard excels as an interpreter for South African government officials and the prestigious WITS Language School.

Howard’s LLB degree in 2007 paved the way for a remarkable career, serving Chinese businesses and the community in South Africa. As one of South Africa’s top Mandarin-speaking attorneys, Howard’s reputation is unmatched.

Formerly a director at a top 50 law firm, Howard led The China Desk and established a large team of Mandarin-speaking attorneys. He then joined Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, focusing on Chinese business development and conducting training for Chinese state-owned companies on criminal law procedures, immigration visas, and labor disputes.

Beyond his multicultural upbringing, Howard understands the nuances of different cultures, bridging the gap for his clients. With access to extensive resources and support from international law firms, Howard offers exceptional legal expertise and representation.

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Jansen van Rensburg

Janine Jansen van Rensburg was admitted as an attorney in 2008 and has extensive experience in Property Law, Regulatory Compliance, and Legal Costs. Her company, Jansen van Rensburg Conco Inc, works in association with Simplex Law to assist with cost consulting and conveyancing.

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